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Do you want to engage your students through video games and raise their awareness about global health problems at the same time that they learn about science and technology? If you want to collaborate with us, please contact us at

🎮 Do you want to play our videogames in your class?

If you want to do our workshop in your school, here we give you all the information you need. This workshop is recommended for children aged between 10 and 16 years old. The materials needed for the workshop are listed below and its duration would be of approximately 1 hour.

📝 Before the workshop

🤺 Prepare the presentation

First, we recommend you to explain to your students some key topics such as what is malaria, what is the project about and how they help diagnose real cases of malaria when they play MalariaSpot. To do this, we provide you with all the material you need. That is, a Presentation (10 minutes approximately), an explanation for you about the presentation, and a explanatory video (4 minutes).

💉 Prepare the game

To avoid spending unnecessary time in downloading the game in class, we recommend you to do it before the workshop. Here, you have all the links your may need, depending on the device you will use.

🖥 If you use a computer:

Go to Home

📱 If you use a tablet or smartphone:

Ask your students to download MalariaSpot app:
Go to PlayStore or AppStore
Search «MalariaSpot»
Download the app


👀 Presentation

Use the material we provided above (presentation and video) to start the workshop. This part should last around 30 minutes.

🎲 Game







Once you have done the presentation, you can then start the game. Your students should be in a single room during the workshop (approximately 15 minutes).

The game is a competition, thus, you will also need to prepare the STOPWATCH that can be displayed in the classroom projector. You will see a countdown and the best scores on the screen.

To use the stopwatch, go to «Settings» and write the name of your school and the grade in «Name of the team» (E.g. Bristolseventhgrade). We recommend you to set the time to 20 minutes.

Every time a student sees on his or her screen «Game Over«, he or she will be able to send his or her score clicking on «Submit Score«. The student will have to write his or her name (e.g. Sarah), or if they play in pairs (e.g. Nick and Adam), followed by the Name of Team.


🤔 After the game

Once your students have finished the game, you can see on the screen the top scores.

📕 Brief thinking

To conclude, you can ask your students to write down what they have learned. This has to brief, in a post-it for instance.

🏆 Diplomas

Also, you can print and fill with the names of the winners the Diplomas we have made for you.